Turning Accenture’s “Tech Vision” From Modest Bulletin to Flagship Report

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Ergo Editorial helped boost Accenture’s yearly “Technology Vision” report from a modest bulletin authored by the CTO to a high-impact, wide-circulation publication that has become central to Accenture’s go-to-market strategy.
Here’s how:

  • Early on, we gave the publication a significant edge with “action orientation” sections that highlighted what readers should do within 100 days and inside the first year after reading the publication.
  • We also helped produce industry-specific and partner-specific spin-offs of the original “Tech Vision.”
  • We continued to expand the “Tech Vision” scope and reach, winning the support of Accenture’s CEO, becoming one of the new CTO’s priorities each year, and engaging more and more executives across the company.

Every year, recipients keenly anticipate the report, it is widely cited in the media, and it serves as a key driver of Accenture’s content marketing and thought leadership programs.

The results as presented on Accenture’s website