Enabling Accenture to Reach C-Suite Prospects

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Accenture was intent on becoming just as strong in management consulting as it was in IT consulting and outsourcing. To support that goal, the company called on us to develop articles and position papers that would demonstrate a deep understanding of the issues confronting C-suite business executives. Here’s what we did:

  • We collaborated with Accenture’s marketing professionals to pinpoint the macro objectives for several potential management topics.
  • Next, we liaised with key practice leaders to test the proposed ideas, secure examples that would support the arguments, clarify roles in order to close gaps in the stories’ logic flow, and set clear timetables for delivery.
  • Then we began developing the content, moving rapidly through successive drafts, buttressing the viewpoints with extra research, and reporting regularly on progress.

The concepts emerged as well-reasoned articles published on time in Accenture’s 12,000-circulation Outlook journal, in the firm’s new Strategy in Action online publication, in Corporate Dealmaker, and in the Journal of Business Strategy. The articles were also used in targeted mailings to support direct outreach to selected prospects.

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