Writing the “Book” on Brand Portfolio Management

To showcase Lippincott’s preeminence in brand portfolio management, we were selected to develop a special issue of the brand consultancy’s “Sense” journal. We took charge of everything from concept to final proofing of the publication. Here’s how we did it:

  • We mapped out and secured approval for a sample table of contents and layout, and then developed a project plan and timetable for content creation, editing, and sign-offs.
  • Next, we secured interview participation from Lippincott’s busy senior partners, and wrote the bulk of the content.
  • Whenever possible, we leveraged ideas in existing content. Throughout, we assembled a rich mix of articles reflecting many facets of brand portfolio management.
  • We also brought in independent proofing services to put the final polish on this primary vehicle for the firm’s expertise.

The result? A strategic, polished publication that Lippincott used to open doors with clients and prospects.