When I Rule the Strategic Content World in 2019

Jan 1, 2019

1.  Everyone will know the difference between thought leadership and brochureware.

2. “Publish or perish” will no longer be a thing.

3. Expert authors will make sure their story ideas are well-baked before they get their marketers to engage writers. (Make that really well-baked.)

4. There’ll be widespread understanding of the value of editing after writing.

5. Nobody (authors included) will ever miss a deadline.

6. Every writer will be a story doctor.

7. All businesses will understand the value of storytelling.

8. No articles or papers will ever start out by “admiring the problem.”

9. Every company mention will be approved long before the final draft.

10. There will always be a lead author who can make all necessary decisions whenever there’s more than one name on the byline.

11.There’ll never be eleventh-hour hold-ups or a big change of direction because an external reviewer now has to have a say.

12. Marketers will have a clear sense of how much the content is costing, and why.

13. Authors will realize that no business writer, no matter how gifted, can make lemonade out of lemons.

14. Marketers’ publishing campaigns will include some long-form content and not just default to blogs.

15. Marketers will have strategies for identifying and coaching their firms’ next generations of thought leaders.

16. Authors will know that a draft is just a draft and not (somehow, magically) a polished, finished product.

17. Every marketer will be a writer’s wingman, able and willing to reason fearlessly with the big-dog executives who often sign their paychecks.

18. No article or paper will go beyond 10 drafts, no matter how complex the topic.

19. Every author will be able to explain his or her story idea to a 12-year-old and have it understood.

20. No “meh” story idea will ever see the light of day.

Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?