We listen. Ergo Editorial writers and editors listen hard to every client, every time. But that doesn’t mean just listening per se. It means actively soliciting feedback in our calls and other communications with clients, and in the fast feedback survey that we send out regularly. Our survey — shown here — is carefully designed to take just 45 seconds of our clients’ time, and to get us the info we need to course-correct when necessary and to gain deeper insights into how our writers and editors are doing over time.
Client Feedback

Overall, how would you rate our writer on this project?
How would you rate our writer as a skilled wordsmith, well able to develop content from scratch or to add value to an existing draft or outline?
How would you rate our writer as a thought partner, able to constructively and collaboratively challenge the authors' ideas, add value in terms of suggested restructuring, added content, etc., and to do so proactively and with an ownership mentality?
Has our writer been timely in responding to e-mails and calls, returning revisions, and meeting deadlines?
Has our writer been easy to work with, pleasant to interact with, and respectful of your team's time and priorities?
Would you ask to work with this writer again?